WS27 Gains Further Approval

The Bondchem WS27 Pipeseal has now gained DVGW approval, adding a European Gas and Water endorsement to the growing list of accreditations this white label product has achieved to date.

Formulated from our pioneering white label chemistry this product has been the cornerstone of our product offering since it’s launch in 2014 and is a testament to the perfect balance that can be achieved between responsible chemistry and cutting edge performance.

The DVGW is a recognised standardization body for the gas and water industry, a centre for technical and scientific know-how in the gas and water sectors and an initiator and promoter of research projects and innovations. The DVGW has been the competence network for all questions related to gas and water supply – for more than 160 years. Committed to serving the public interest DVGW works to assure the highest level of safety and quality in provision of natural gas and fresh water to the public. For more information please see

The Bondchem WS27 is produced in strict accordance with a UKAS audited ISO 9000:2015 production and quality system, and is the engineer’s product of choice whether the system specification is WRAS, BSEN 751 or DVGW.

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