Ian Walley Racing – Street Weekend 2023

Supported with the advanced engineering chemistry the Walley racing team have secured their first victory of the season winning the fastest ford of the event at the Street Weekend 2023 and 2nd in the Outlaw Street round.

With runs at both Santa Pod and Melbourne (not to mention the 500 mile journey between the two tracks over snake pass) Ian and his team were incredibly pleased with the performance of the car and achieved an incredible 9.55 second run hitting 143mph over the quarter mile.


Prior to the run Ian and his team had completed  full strip and re-build of the engine, with the critical high torque applications below assembled using Bondchem anaerobic technology


Re-sealing rocker cover

Locking rocker pillar bolts

Locking crank pully bolt

Sealing all water cooling fittings

High strength locking of torque convertor bolts


The team have the car back in the workshop for it’s first major tune up of the season and we look forward to seeing the results at the next event.