Christmas 22

Whilst we are all doing what we can to economise both at work and at home the pressure and support needed from many of our local charities has never been higher, at a time when fundraising is at its most challenging.

With this in mind, rather than giving out Christmas gifts this year we have decided to make a donation to a local charity called SPARCS.

SPARCS was founded to support families living with autism and other related conditions throughout the north east.

The work they do to help build confidence and promote social activities and inclusion in our local community is simply humbling.

The staff work tirelessly to both provide a support network for parents and children alike.

From food parcels and gifts to those in need to help fund a huge cross section of activities and clubs throughout the year this charity will put our shared gift to very good use.


From all your friends at Bondchem we would like to wish you a very happy Christmas, and all the happiness and best wishes for the new year.