Tricel: Bondchem’s New Master Distributor

We are delighted to announce Tricel Composites as our master distributor into the composite industry in the UK and Ireland. Since 2018, Bondchem and Tricel have formed a powerful partnership, delivering a complete portfolio of adhesive products and technical support into a cross-section of industry.  At the forefront of our cooperative is Neil Scott, Tricel’s Technical Sales Manager, who has been instrumental in this development. His long history in the industry and the extensive knowledge and enthusiasm that he brings to the role is remarkable.

Tricel Composites is part of the wider Tricel Group. Founded in 1973, Tricel is a globally-recognised brand with expertise in all areas of composite production. The three pillars of the Tricel ethos are Innovation, Quality, and Heritage. They emphasise product diversity and technical expertise, and like Bondchem base their business around getting the best results for their customers. The similar value orientation between our companies makes for seamless cooperation.

As a market leader, Tricel can afford to be particular with their partnerships, and have chosen to work with the team at Bondchem in recognition of our unfaltering commitment to product development, our manufacturing capability and our rapidly expanding production capacity.  Following the acquisition of our site in Hebburn we have invested heavily in capital infrastructure, increasing our production capability and reducing production lead-times.

Furthermore, with an extensive laboratory and testing facility we can provide ongoing technical support and quickly carry out research and development to maximize the efficiency of the bonded composite assemblies.

Having access to a company at the forefront of the composites industry has been instrumental to increasing Bondchem’s growth in this market sector. Between Neil and Tricel Composites’ extensive industry knowledge, and Bondchem’s production and R&D capabilities, we are looking forward to a bright future – one which should see Bondchem become the number one structural adhesive solution for the UK composite industry.