The White Label Range


  • A comprehensive and complete range of 32 anaerobic adhesives and sealants.
  • Established and proven technology that has supported global manufacturing since 2014.
  • Innovative and accredited formulations to BSEN751, DVGW, WRAS and NSF.
  • Simplified product labelling requirements with no need for hazard symbols on artwork.
  • Extended shelf life for both and packaged products.
  • Full UK and EU REACH compliance for all formulations.


Managing and improving occupational exposure is a vital part of the chemical industry, both in product manufacture and product use. At Bondchem, we continue to seek improvements and develop new chemistries to both improve our manufacturing environment for our staff, and provide the latest and safest chemical technology possible for our customers.

In 2014 Bondchem first launched our White Label anaerobics series,  a range of adhesives that offers enhanced health and safety, which in turn reduces the complexity of COSHH assessments without compromising product performance.


Nick Wall, the Technical Director and head of R&D at Bondchem, has worked closely with a cross section of customers over the last 12 months to ensure that the performance of this range will satisfy the most demanding application, and match the exact performance of the standard anaerobic product offering.

“This range is a necessary progression in user safety,” says Nick Wall, “the perfect balance of responsible chemistry and cutting-edge performance.”

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No Hazard Symbol | No Safety Surcharge | No Compromise on Performance