Repairs & Revamps: World Class Kayaks

During the summer of 2017, we were approached by a world-leading manufacturer of thermoform kayaks that needed help with their structural methacrylate adhesives supply. Their previous supplier had lacked the facilities to provide the necessary technological advancements to assist the company in developing their kayak range, and their production had suffered as a result. They needed to find a new supplier that had the right capabilities to help them keep pushing their innovative products to bigger and brighter places.

They came to the right place!

With the company based in North America and Canada, there were obvious geographical challenges. Despite this, the team at Bondchem worked closely with the customer to evaluate their specific adhesive needs, producing a full adhesion and climatic resistance analysis specific to the bond assemblies of the customer. Following this comprehensive evaluation, the team searched our 400 series methacrylate range to match the company with the right products for them.

With an onsite laboratory for progressing adhesive technology, we are always happy to undertake product research and development to help our customers achieve the best possible outcome. In this case, in addition to complementing the adhesion and open time requirements set to Bondchem with the M400-10, we were able to bring the toughened flexibility to the bond that enabled the freedom of design the company had sought for many years.

Four years later and we are still enjoying supplying the customer. For us, this is testament not only to the quality of our product range but also to the individualised customer service, support, and advanced logistical capabilities that we are able to offer our customers.