PP or not PP, that is no longer the question.

Polypropylene is a very popular substrate for manufacturers due to its low cost, toughness, recyclability and chemical resistance.  Unfortunately with all of the benefits comes the problem of the very low surface energy, which makes the substrate polypropylene very hard to bond to, especially when bonding to different materials as well as itself.  Aside the option of welding (friction and ultrasonic) manufacturers are often forced to consider expensive and bulky machinery to facilitate flame or corona/plasma treatment on parts to allow adhesion.

Bondchem have a number of professional products designed for manufacturers who need an bonding solution that require no pretreatment yet still outperform the substrate in ASTM D1002 shear strength tests.

P108 primer allows an instant bond when used in combination with the range of Bondchem Cyanoacrylates, and also increases adhesion to polyethylene and silicone rubber.

M451 is a two part hybrid structural adhesive that can bond unprepared and un-primed polypropylene to itself and a range of other substrates including PE, LDPE, ABS and UPVC.  Due to the open-time the M451 offers, this two part adhesive is quickly becoming the product of choice for 2nd tier automotive parts manufacture, and is adding design and production benefits to a cross section of industry.

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