M470 Ultra Fast Cure

We are pleased to officially launch our M470 structural adhesive for sale and distribution through our established supply network.

As the latest addition to the 400 series this product was formulated with fast paced production in mind, and has already proven its worth a in a leading caravan and motorhome manufacturer.

Unlike conventional 1:1 system’s the M470 has an incredibly quick cure, achieving handling strength in under 120 seconds and reaching 75% of its strength in less than 4 minutes.

In direct contradiction to the rapid cure the M470 has the unique ability to minimize its exothermic reaction, enabling a peak exotherm in a 10g mass to fall below the 80 Deg C threshold.

Once cured the M470 offers incredible flexibility, allowing superior peal strength and excellent vibrational resistance for your bonded assemblies.

With a ride range of compatible substrates this product is set to become the product of choice for the automotive composite parts manufacturers world-wide, contact your nearest distributor for a sample pack.