Bondchem’s Repairs & Revamps

Bondchem prides itself on being customer-focused and friendly. We are always happy to advise on products for repairs, both big and small.

Back in 2012 Bondchem helped a Northumberland sailor with repairs to his 1947 North Sea Trawler. As an older boat with historical sentiment, it was important that it be kept in as original condition as possible.

First, Neil cut a new joint from the broken pole. In this case, the joint is a 12:1 ratio “v”, also known as a “scarf” or “cricket bat joint”. The joint was then sealed with M121, a Series 100 Methacrylate.

This is one of the oldest joints around; as Neil commented, “The ‘glue’ back then would have been boiled bones. Today, thankfully, your product made the task easier and infinitely stronger!”

Eight years on, Neil’s trawler is still successfully battling the ever-wild North Sea conditions, with the help of Bondchem’s quality adhesives.
An interesting spark of history, and a happy customer.

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