Bondchem X RuboWaste

It is estimated that businesses in the UK produce 27.5 million tonnes of waste every year. That is the equivalent weight of 11 million elephants! While this seems like a mountainous problem to tackle, it is important for companies to take individual responsibility and contribute towards finding solutions.


Reduce, reuse, recycle is a saying synonymous with waste. While they are all important, the words decline in order of the significance of their impact; reducing waste is the priority. At Bondchem we are working hard year on year to reduce our waste production. However, currently some waste is unavoidable, and thus we have also been working to maximise our recycling program.

The adhesives industry also encounters the problem of hazardous waste, which, when disposed of incorrectly, can have a devastating impact on the environment. Bondchem’s White Label anaerobic range is just one example of how we are trying to reduce the environmental impact of our products.

However, while the global effort continues towards long-term sustainable solutions, the number above highlights how important it is to dispose of whatever waste our business does produce responsibly.

After researching various solutions, we chose to dispose with RuboWaste. They prioritise disposing of hazardous waste in as responsible and sustainable a manner as possible, and as an independent waste management expert they are always on hand to provide us with advice and solutions. Rubo helps us to recycle whatever we can out of our waste, and ensure that what has to be disposed of is done so in the most responsible way possible. For example, their methods allow certain recovered solvent products from vessels to be reused via distillation, while unrecyclable solvents are gathered to be used as an energy alternative to fossil fuels.

We will continue to innovate pro-environment technical adhesive solutions such as our White Label range while collaborating with companies such as Rubo in order to secure the long-term wellbeing of the world we have the privilege of calling home.