Bondchem Motorsport Sponsorship

Since formation in 2008 Bondchem have worked closely with all levels of the automotive industry, from SMART repair, to motorsport to 1st and 2nd tier direct supply.

Throughout our journey we have enjoyed some amazing opportunities to work with the development of this industry, pushing forward to lighter more eco-friendly vehicles with the new generation of composite substrates, and assisting with the latest low energy bonding requirements synonymous with battery cell manufacture.

As with all our product development at Bondchem we enjoy the opportunity to really push our technology to the limit, and following a referral from a rally team got to know the amazing engineering work conducted at Ian Walley Racing in Darlington.

With his well-earned reputation as “the mad professor” Ian runs an incredible 1968 Mk2 Cortina, which he is competing with in the 2021 straightliners drag racing championships.  Supported with the 600 series of white label anaerobic products the powerplant and gearbox of this cortina produces a staggering 1350 bhp at the wheels, accelerating to over 150mph from a standing start in under 400 meters.

Ian Walley comments

“When you are racing a drag car you need complete and unfaltering confidence in your team and vehicle, and with the 600 series of white label anaerobics I know that the critical engineered assemblies will perform above and beyond the capabilities of the car”

In tandem with the race program of 2021 Ian is also utilizing the 600 series of anaerobics with his next project, an astonishing mk2 cortina estate powered with a turbine jet engine.

If you would like to follow our progression in the 2021 straightliners championship and see our progress with the jet engine build please see our Instragram and linkedin news feed for regular updates.