What does Bondchem do?

There are three diverse sections of the Bondchem company structure.

The primary section is the manufacture and development of niche advanced adhesive systems, which is sold and marketed globally under the Bonchem branding.

The second section of Bondchem is our private label development and supply, whereby we provide our technology in your company livery. Although there are a number of other companies that offer this service, we feel that we are unique in our measured and structured approach to its management. We form a partnership with our customers and offer market sector geographic exclusivity on our products. This will avoid any supply to your competition, which is unfortunately becoming commonplace in this industry. With this level of commitment, you can enjoy our full and undivided support to help develop and grow your business.

The third section of Bondchem is the consultancy and development service we offer to manufacturers who supply market sectors outside of our own, and that of our customers. Asides from our primary technology of methacrylate adhesives, we have experts and pioneers of cyanoacrylate, anaerobic, and UV curable technologies, which are available to aid the development or implementation of your own manufacturing cycle. In the same principle as our private label sector, we very carefully manage any offer of technology licensing, ensuring the long term security of our industry worldwide.